Villa Hunt

In Bali, there are two main areas that a student would want to live at. The first area is near the nightlife and bars, and the second is near the university and nicer, less touristy beaches. The bar area is known as Kuta. The University is located in Jimbaran, on the southern side of the island.  Now, given the fact that I can at least sometimes get into bars at home (s/o Connecticut Mike), and I don’t frequent living on tropical islands, my friends and I have decided we are going to look for housing around Jimbaran, near some of the nicest beaches and best surf spots (Uluwatu) on Earth.

Asia Exchange has been extremely helpful in showing students how to get prepared for the semester. Their most useful reference in my opinion has been getting students into contact with villa owners and realtors around Bali. They have a strong relationship with both and So, with the help of Asia Exchange and these websites, we were able to narrow down our villa search to 3 or 4 villas located in Jimbaran, just a short motorbike ride to the university. They are also close to the beaches and surf spots, which is even more awesome. Debatably the best part about these primetime villas is the price. A villa with 3 rooms, pool, and all necessary facilities will not cost more than $450 USD a month, and that is at the pricey end.

Later today we are going to check out the villas and hopefully pick one and move in ASAP. Were also still looking for surfboards, but that’s a different story. Check back sometime later this week to see what I’m to over here.

Good on ya.

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One thought on “Villa Hunt

  1. Hi Michael –
    What a great experience – I am looking forward to reading your blog! Brings back fond memories – I lived in Jakarta for a year as an exchange student, 1979 to 1980. My visit to Bali was a memorable experience – it is probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Keep posting and enjoy your time there! Mrs. Ford


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