Procrastination Blog 2.0

As you can see from the title, I have much to be doing right now, yet here I am doing this instead. I had a Bahasa Indonesian exam today and an International Business exam that both went decently okay. Tomorrow I have to hand in my Tourism take home final, take my History Exam, and hand in this business assignment. The business assignment is supposed to be 2000 words on honestly, I could not even tell you what. The prompt is that confusing. It was assigned out of the blue on the last week of class, which is a real punch in the nuts. I’m supposed to be doing all of that by tomorrow at 4 PM. After this load of work, the commencement ceremony is tomorrow night around 6 PM. Should be an absolute ripper. After the ceremony, my time at Udayana will officially be over. Crazy how fast it went by. I’ll probably write a general recap blog before I go, and that should be up before we depart on Sunday.


Good on ya.

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