The End

Today is my final day in Bali. After a snafu at the airport, I managed to squeeze two more days out of the island. I head to the airport in 4 hours. Before any of that however, the last few days here have been awesome. We had the commencement ceremony, I managed to finish all my assignments, and had a few great nights the last week, including a bonfire on Nyang Nyang beach, under one of clearest, most star filled nights I have ever seen. Throughout this semester I, along with many other students, did things they would never have thought imaginable. My friends and I backpacked through southeast Asia for a few weeks, rode dirt bikes on deserted black sand beaches, surfed some of the best waves in the world, and met people from all over the globe. Along with all of this, the nights at clubs and bars in Bali are unlike anything I have ever seen, with people from every country imaginable partying and having a great time together.

While I am excited to get home to see my family and friends, I am also pretty bummed to be leaving. This semester has been the most fun of my life. As I get ready to head to Tokyo, then back to Philly, I will be remembering all the great times that I had with great people. I do not know when, but I definitely plan on coming back to Bali. I would like to thank Asia Exchange for giving me this amazing opportunity and helping along the way.


Good on ya.

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P.S.- The deadline for Autumn 2017 at Warmadewa University in Bali is June 18th. Just a heads up.


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